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Ce Tehuan, We Are One


 Everything in the Universe, on Mother Earth, and within our own spirits is guided with and by the Sacred Drum Beat, Sacred Circles, and a Connection to our past by the teachings that Our Ancestors left to us. The knowledge and wisdom Our Ancestors have left to us is very much treasured, for we are the keepers of the land, here for a purpose as the Great Mystery, (Tloke Nahuake, Tunkashila) is always paving the way as the Seven Generations did for the present. These valuable gifts we share to those who come with an open heart, to learn and be a community of givers.    

Special Thanks to the People.

To all the elders in the community, who as long time activists have dedicated their time to the people on a non-stop basis. To all the Native People across the continent of the Eagle and the Condor, where together, with our Native or Indigenous brothers and sisters, we have given a lot of our time and hearts to Mother Earth, and have proven that we can be extremely loyal to the traditional ways and social justice. We thank our teachers who have visited us, taught us, and shared with us their knowledge. The Telpochcalli, ultimately belongs to the people, it is a grassroots organization that relies on the non-corporate suppport of consciously giving individuals. In essence, it is the voice of the people and the calling of the ancestors that a space can be provided where we can come together in the place we call the school of commoners, or Telpochcalli. Ometeotl.


1000 East Cesar Chavez Avenue, Second Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Directions: From Downtown LA and 110 Freeway. 
Exit Mission Road, Left on Mission, Right on Chavez.
We are on the corner of Mission and Chavez.



Programs and services consist of cultural classes, workshops, drum circles, open mic, poetry, guest speakers, and performances. We practice Martial Arts in the form of self-defense, with responsibility and integrity. Everything we do is to build community and respect diversity.

Martial Arts Classes 4:30-6 PM
History Classes 6-8 PM
Indigenous Theory, Philosophy, and
Martial Arts Classes 7-9 PM